How do I know if I'm registered for the race?

You can enter your name HERE at the top of page to see if you are registered. You can also re-send your confirmation email to yourself.

Can I bring my stroller?

The 15K course is not very stroller friendly with all of the dirt roads and hills. The 5K course is friendlier but still has some dirt parts and hills. If you opt to bring the little one, you do not need to register the stroller.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, no :( We ourselves would LOVE to be able to bring our own little furry running companions - however our venue's rules prevent us from allowing pets. 

What if I have a service animal?

If you bring your service animal, we just ask that it wears an identifiable vest or collar to alert other participants that the animal is working, although not required.

Is there a bib pick-up prior to the race?

New in 2019, YES! Saturday, March 16, 2019 ::: 9am-1pm ::: Frangipani Estate Winery (next door to Cougar Winery). You will also be able to pick up your bib on race morning starting at 7am.

Does everyone get a "finisher's succulent"?

YES! All registered participants get a finisher's succulent, there will be a tear-off at the bottom of your bib.

Why do you give out a "finisher's succulent" instead of a medal?

In spirit of the green holiday and going "green", we opt to get a little creative with our finisher's award. Plus they are so darn cute!

What if I don't drink or I'm under 21?

You can still get a collectible stemless flute and non-alcoholic GREEN SPARKLING CIDER! Just tell the person pouring that you would like cider instead! *While supplies last

Can I buy another collectible stemless flute and tank or t-shirt on race weekend?

YES but we recommend you pre-purchase during the registration process to ensure availability and your size! 

I've already registered but I want to get a shirt and/or another collectible stemless flute, how do I do that?

You have two options: 1) Wait to purchase on race day and hope that your size and products are available, or 2) Pre-order by adding it to your registration. We highly recommend option 2, learn how to add products to your registration:

  1. Go to REGISTRATION PAGE HERE and scroll down

  2. Add your item(s) to your shopping bag

  3. Click on the shopping bag at the top then the checkout button

  4. Click the "Tell us who" button and search your name to link your items to your registration

  5. Fill out required payment info

  6. VERY IMPORTANT: Use the same email address that you used when registering

  7. VOILA! Your sweet merchandise will be waiting for you on race day!


Can I pre-purchase another pour of the famous green bubbly?

YES! You can pre-order extra pours of green bubbly for just 5 BUCKS by adding it to your registration prior to the race (see above instructions to learn how). This deal is ONLY redeemable online and for Cougar Bubbly. Regular prices for Cougar Bubbly will apply on race day by purchasing from the winery directly. Other wines and beer will also be available at regular price. There will also be 2-for-1 wine tasting and 10% off at Sangio's Deli!

What is the "Non-Committal Plan"?

Select this option during registration and you can cancel your registration, transfer to another person, defer to the next year, or switch distances until March 7 without getting charged a fee. *Less the registration processing fees. If you are transferring your distance up you will be charged the difference.


Can I transfer to another runner?

YES transfers are allowed for a $10 fee. If you have the "Non-Committal Plan" you will not be charged the $10 fee. Please submit all transfer requests to info@sandyfeetevents.com.

Can I switch my race distance?

YES you can for a $10 fee. If you have the "Non-Committal Plan" you will not be charged the $10 fee. If you are transferring up in distance you also pay the difference. If you are transferring down in distance there is no refund. Please submit all transfer requests to info@sandyfeetevents.com.

I can no longer run, can I get a refund?

YES if you purchased the "Non-Committal Plan", only $9.50. Select this option during registration and you can cancel your registration for any reason until March 7. Getting your refund is easy, email us at info@sandyfeetevents.com with your name and your race entry will be refunded less the registration system processing fee. If you did NOT purchase the "Non-Committal Plan" you can transfer to another participant or defer to next year for $10, Please submit all transfer requests to info@sandyfeetevents.com.


Can I park on-site or get dropped off at the race start?

There is no parking at Cougar Winery but you can park on De Portola Road and in the early bird parking next door at Frangipani Estate Winery (there is a walking path in between). Parking will be limited so we HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend carpooling, ridesharing, or getting dropped off. There is a drop-off area at the entrance to Cougar Winery's driveway.

Will there be gear check?

Yes, there will be gear check, please bring your own bag. The gear check area will have labels to write your bib number on and fasten to your bag. Then give your bag to one of our trusty volunteers. When you want to retrieve your bag, just show the volunteer your matching bib number. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

What are the courses like?

Both courses are scenic and take you through Temecula country roads. The 5K is both paved and hard-pack dirt roads and fairly flat, except for that driveway at the end, get ready! The 15K is both paved and hard-pack dirt roads with some hills so be prepared for an exhilarating morning! (Although there are dirt roads, this is not considered a trail run)


How much water and fuel is on the course? SEE COURSE SUPPORT MAP HERE

There will be course support every 1.5-2.5 miles. If you like to drink more water than that we recommend carrying a fuel belt or a water bottle so you can fill up at the water stations. In addition to water, energy fuel/gel and Ultima Replenisher electrolyte drink will be at select course support stations.​

Is there a time limit?

No. We are required to break down the event at 11am as that is when the winery opens to the public but you are more than welcome to take as long as you'd like! You will still be able to get your bubbly and goody bag and enjoy some R&R in the winery! If you find that the roads are back open, please obey pedestrian traffic rules.

Will there be food there?

Yes, all runners get 10% off at Sangio's Deli, it opens at 9am when the winery opens.

Do I get a shirt?

We use green practices as much as possible so in an effort to keep one-time use t-shirts out of landfills, we let you choose whether or not you would like a shirt or tank through the registration process. They're super cute so you will definitely probably want one ;)


What if it rains?

St. Patrick's Day 5K & 15K will take place rain or shine. However, if conditions are determined by city officials to be unsafe, the race will be rescheduled. No refunds will be made.